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Welcome to KSolutions

Kansas State University Student Consulting Organization

Our goal is to improve the community through meaningful projects working with K-State campus organizations, businesses, and nonprofits, while providing students with opportunities to gain work experience and develop valuable skills in the process.

What is KSolutions?


  • Student founded consulting organization

  • We evaluate processes, maximize efficiency, integrate systems

  • Founded Fall 2018

  • Partner with on-campus organizations, local companies, and non-profit organizations

  • Our clients receive outside perspectives and support with projects for which they might not have the proper resources

  • Students can gain experience working on real problems and are able to explore industry interests

Looking Forward

We aspire to connect students looking for relevant experience with businesses and organizations needing problem-solvers to assist in various projects. As we establish our group, we hope to expand our client base and recruit students to complete projects. We will pair students to projects that match their interests and skills, and we intend for students to develop technically and professionally throughout the experience

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